Bone Animation – New Storytelling Tools

I’ve been learning Flash Animation and  Adobe After Effects with tech pal Patience Kamau this fall.  I teach the class at Eastern Mennonite University in the spring so we’ve been gettin’ busy.  Here is the first attempt at what is called bone or skeletal animation from about a month ago.  This only took about 10 hours to figure out :p. In a later version, we will erase the background in photoshop so you only see the waving arms in the foreground.  Frida’s hand and the waving arms are a set of movies attached to the “skin” or the body.  New ways of telling stories!

We used’s video tutorials.

Q. What advice to you have for those newbies in compositing and animation?

Frida Kahlo illustration by Maira Kalman.  Jacob Lawrence painting Story Painter.



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2 responses to “Bone Animation – New Storytelling Tools

  1. Dr. Jim

    Agree that it is important to learn Forward Kinematics…..pivot points and such, linking…etc….
    This specific type of effect would be much more fluid and ‘real’ using the Puppet tool in CS4 😉

    • Thank you, Dr. Jim, All new terms and new challenges – I’m such a newbie on this it makes my head spin. Your feedback is incredibly valuable. The good news is – this is addictive. More soon!! Paulette

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