PauletteVoodles in After Effects – Particles are Hot

A saavy designer recently told me that 1) Flash is dead – (long live the Flash) and 2) Particles systems are hot.  Here’s a recent After Effects composite for PauletteVoodles using a particle system.  The text and photo are flat and the particles are way too big and not so subtle – but this is so much fun, I can hardly stand it.  Watch for our next installment, when we fly the camera around PauletteVoodles linked to a null object.  Love it.

We’re using the free online video tutorials

Q.  What do you think ?  How else could I improve this piece?

Many, many thanks to designer Doug Stanford of SpartanEye for patiently walking me through an After Effects primer.

Oh!  And what’s a Voodle?  It’s a video doodle – a piece where I am just playing, experimenting, making mud pies.



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3 responses to “PauletteVoodles in After Effects – Particles are Hot

  1. Good start Paulette! Glad to see you’re enjoying After Effects and exploring the many, many things it has to offer!

    • Thank you, Doug for your guidance in this. Slow going but wow, what a powerful program. I just want to get GOOD at it – patience grasshopper! Just adding SpartanEye to my links. More soon!

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