Aspirational Animation

Jeff at Digico sent over these links from the industry website Motionographer.  When he said “particles are hot” – this first link is what he was talking about.  Millions and millions of particles – click here for an Audi commercial.  It’s fluid and beautiful.

1 – The “fluidity’ is too accurate,  Particular doesnt offer quite this exacting level of physics.

2 – The sheer # of particles,  Particular can handle alot,….but some shots in here have millions and millions.

3 – The “true” 3D nature of some of the particle effects (e.g. type) inform that it is a real 3D app.

Never forget AE only has 3D space,….NOT true 3D with ‘volume and mass’.

This spot required banks of computers rendering……and was done using a propriety ICE script in Softimage XSI 3D software.

You get something that is so hot it is almost indescribable. Note: This is not particular, or AE for that matter………..not even close.

Haha…..dont be uncomfortable about your progress,….it is the journey that you are documenting yes?  And how would that be possible if you were already ‘there’?

-Jeff Dobrow

Here’s another piece Jeff sent over that was created entirely in After Effects.  After so many years in very literal documentary work – I am dying to create something like this.  It’s so sweet. Thanks, Jeff.


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