Waking Life

The way it should be. The way it is. With a silent S and a silent Q.

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke reprise their roles in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset for Richard Linklater’s Waking Life – a digitally enhanced, live action rotoscoped film about exploring the edges of our human experience.  I’m looking at how to do this in my After Effects class.  Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Waking Life

  1. J. Dobrow

    It is an interesting look.
    fyi – You will be able to do something ‘kind of like it’ relatively easily using some filters and blending modes.
    But also be aware this was actually done by hand, drawing over frames…..many, many animators….many, many months.

    Post what you come up with!

    • Hello Jeff! Thanks! Yes, I know we won’t get this exact look – but can’t AE do EVERYTHING?!!!! I’ll see what we come up with and run it by you.

      The class has jumped full-on to 3D space already and is galloping out ahead into all kinds of giant jaw effects, a few cameras and more. So much for my little preview tutorials! It’s so much fun and we’d love to come visit in mid-feb. I’ll email you. I hope you are well.

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