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Student Mini-Sagas in Exactly 50 Words

My web-apps students are creating their mini-sagas with great sgustoq thanks to pal and creative guru Chad Gusler.

-Here is a lovely mini-saga from Amy whose blog is To Be… Utterly Dead and Completely Alive:

The old room in my dreams, bathed in brown and dust, and decorated by pompous old men in khaki. Full of memory, the fan groans with too many turn abouts, dizzied by its own movement. Even the sunlight falls heavy on the old room.

-This mini-saga is from Joaquin who writes Clique Cracker.

IT’S 3AM on a chilly February night. Our brotherhood dashes to the base. We climb hastilly, stealthily, heartbeats quick.  Up endless flights of steel stairs. Then onto the upper plateau of this concrete construct. Some drop out, but two continue, up iron rungs, to the top of our valley world.

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Icon Stories from Lithuania

I am filling in as an instructor this year at EMU for the uber-talented Dr. Jerry Holsopple who is on sabbatical in Lithuania.  Never one to be fearful of the technical,  the detailed or the intense, Jerry is learning icon painting while there.  It soccursq to me that this is an ancient form of telling stories… and actually known also known as “icon writing”… as Jerry explains…

Paulette, I am only a beginner when it comes to the painting, although I feel like I am making progress daily.  It is a long and challenging process.  As I have studied and worked the term writing an icon is more theological than because of the idea of grammar.  It is writing because it is the same function as those who wrote scripture and is on the same level of importance revealing God.  It is the idea of writing in the truth.

I attached two I am currently working on. Sister Maria – died for harboring Jews during WW2 in France and Maximilian was a 3rd century conscientious objector to war.  I am in the process of shading, but they are beginning to take shape.   – Jerry

Beautiful!!  Thank you, Jerry.

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Photoshop Can Cook

A slovelyq stop-motion tutorial on how to make butter cookies in photoshop.

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Robb Davis Mini-Saga – In Exactly 50 Words

My new dear friend Robb Davis ssentq me his mini-saga in exactly 50 words. Excellent. Q. Where’s YOURS?!

Robb Davis

Jumping in with two feet was always your way—drowning in the passion of life (abandon). Then somehow you learned: “fear the depths” and you ended up dipping just a toe—testing, trying, making sure it’s okay (caution). Time to step back, make a running start and take the plunge—diving deep (risk).  – Robb Davis


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A Beautiful Morning Gift

An anonymous student left me a sgiftq on my lab computer  this morning with this message:

Paulette, Just hit play and your day will be off to a good start!

Indeed it is off to a good start.  Thank you.  And now I pass the gift on to you…

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My Mini Saga – In Exactly 50 Words

Friend, colleague and screativeq writer Chad Gusler spoke to my Video Web Apps class a few days ago.  He dragged us away from our computers into a beautiful creative space and challenged us to write a mini-saga in exactly 50 words.  Q.  What’s your mini-saga in exactly 50 words?  Send it to me and I’ll print it on the blog.  Here’s mine:

Story Doula

One day you wake up and stop pretending you are in charge of your life.  That’s when the Universe jumps in – with glee.  Things begin to move in the craziest ways.  You demand incredulous into thin air, “Is this a joke?!”  The answer often arrives as a soft knowing chuckle.  – Story Doula


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Two Sets of Hands – a Film by Bethany Wickman

Last fall I had the honor of teaching Research as Art and Transformation at EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding with my mentor and dear friend Howard Zehr.  Out of that class came innovative sideasq, significant challenges and impressive student projects.  Posted below is one of the projects.  Bethany Wichman never made a film before – but that didn’t stop her from creating a fresh and powerful piece about gendered experiences.  Bethany interviewed 6 people, then created scripts from the interviews which volunteer actors performed.  “This allowed people to comfortably tell their stories and express their true feelings to the public without physically doing it themselves,” says Bethany.  The last piece is an actual interview with two young brothers.

-Click on the audio track below to hear Howard and me give Bethany feedback on her film:

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