Power Redux – Fast, Fast Afternoon AE

A StoryDoula CC Original

SInspiredq by our AE class field trip to visit Jeff, Joey and Ryan at Digico yesterday, I carved out just an hour this afternoon to make a fast, fast After Effects comp.  Used a different light for each bit of text, a null object, a camera – in the end I think I might have been moving the null object not the camera around whoops and I probably should have gone a little heavier on the Easy Ease feature.  No, Jeff.  That’s not a lens flare. It’s a strobe.

FYI.  According to Jeff – we are the only After Effects class in the Shenandoah Valley.  I think we should make T-Shirts!

This depicts how my concepts of power have evolved over the past few years.  Creative Commons music license Ce Comme Ca from Serial by Mr. Puntz hosted at Jamendo.



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3 responses to “Power Redux – Fast, Fast Afternoon AE

  1. Frankie Coto

    Thats wild, I never knew EMU was so exclusive haha get me one of those shirts lol.


  2. J. Dobrow

    Nice. Looks like the whole ‘link camera to 3D null and animate null’ is pretty much covered. Well done!

    Howza bout applying the Separate X,Y,Z Animation Controller to the Null, then you can control the x,y,z individually. The power is in the curves..
    (Effects & Presets->Animation->Transform-> Separate X,Y,Z Controller).

    Keep going!

  3. Okay! I will do that – I think I understand… about the separate x,y,z. I straightened the last frame and am in the middle of adding some craaaaazy triangle particles as well. Uh, oh. I’ll let the class know that the theme for this week is “The power is in the curves.” 😉 Thanks, Jeff.

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