Vincent Moon – Guerilla Filmmaker

Student Steven with a ‘v’ just made me aware of independent filmmaker  Vincent Moon’s work.  Here’s his REM Supernatural Superserious music svidq.

From Wikipedia: Comparable with the field recordings of Alan Lomax or the Peel Sessions of John Peel, Moon has set up a large collection of unique single take recordings enhanced with artistic filmed video footage. The fast filming process he uses is a form of guerrilla filmmaking. The sessions are usually two or three tracks filmed improvised in an unusual environment and as such they often had a rough and ready, demo-like feel, somewhere between a live performance and a finished music video. These live, unusually staged performances differ from the artifice of traditional music videos in favor of single-take, organic and primarily acoustic sessions[2].

Here’s a link to Volume 1 of Moon’s Changes in Rhythm documentary about the water crisis in Africa.


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