Two Sets of Hands – a Film by Bethany Wickman

Last fall I had the honor of teaching Research as Art and Transformation at EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding with my mentor and dear friend Howard Zehr.  Out of that class came innovative sideasq, significant challenges and impressive student projects.  Posted below is one of the projects.  Bethany Wichman never made a film before – but that didn’t stop her from creating a fresh and powerful piece about gendered experiences.  Bethany interviewed 6 people, then created scripts from the interviews which volunteer actors performed.  “This allowed people to comfortably tell their stories and express their true feelings to the public without physically doing it themselves,” says Bethany.  The last piece is an actual interview with two young brothers.

-Click on the audio track below to hear Howard and me give Bethany feedback on her film:


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