My Mini Saga – In Exactly 50 Words

Friend, colleague and screativeq writer Chad Gusler spoke to my Video Web Apps class a few days ago.  He dragged us away from our computers into a beautiful creative space and challenged us to write a mini-saga in exactly 50 words.  Q.  What’s your mini-saga in exactly 50 words?  Send it to me and I’ll print it on the blog.  Here’s mine:

Story Doula

One day you wake up and stop pretending you are in charge of your life.  That’s when the Universe jumps in – with glee.  Things begin to move in the craziest ways.  You demand incredulous into thin air, “Is this a joke?!”  The answer often arrives as a soft knowing chuckle.  – Story Doula



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6 responses to “My Mini Saga – In Exactly 50 Words

  1. The “stop pretending” part… In a real sense we never stop playing the same old childhood games: make believe, hide and seek, dress up… (the latter all about being in a mediated culture).

    Thanks for the reminder that the universe is patient with the games.

    • Patient and relentless at the same time. The universe has systematically pummeled the ego right out of me. Believe me, I’d hang on to the games if I could – these guys just won’t leave me alone.

  2. da_pinkster

    mm-hmm! right on sista!!

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