Student Mini-Sagas in Exactly 50 Words

My web-apps students are creating their mini-sagas with great sgustoq thanks to pal and creative guru Chad Gusler.

-Here is a lovely mini-saga from Amy whose blog is To Be… Utterly Dead and Completely Alive:

The old room in my dreams, bathed in brown and dust, and decorated by pompous old men in khaki. Full of memory, the fan groans with too many turn abouts, dizzied by its own movement. Even the sunlight falls heavy on the old room.

-This mini-saga is from Joaquin who writes Clique Cracker.

IT’S 3AM on a chilly February night. Our brotherhood dashes to the base. We climb hastilly, stealthily, heartbeats quick.  Up endless flights of steel stairs. Then onto the upper plateau of this concrete construct. Some drop out, but two continue, up iron rungs, to the top of our valley world.


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