Trails of Two Cities – H-Burg Bike Delegation Leaves for CA

Tomorrow I join Harrisonburg citizens traveling to Davis, California to study how to make a town bike friendly and other mutually beneficial concepts.  Tom Benevento is an urban farmer, a bike activist in H-Burg and one of my fellow travelers.  EMU Visual and Communication Arts students Steve Kniss, Lance Miller and I followed Tom around town with a camera the other day as we prepped for the trip. Here’s the movie:

Bike activist, public health/population and development guru Robb Davis is our host and organizer in Davis.  Here is his post about the visit including an audio clip from his blog Traveling at the Speed of Bike.  See you on the other side, Robb!

Lyrics for The Empty Chair by Talco – Licensed under Creative Commons – Share Alike, Non-Commercial, Attribution

Ladies and gentlemen
I have a story to tell you
I mourn in indignant dreams
But fear me not
Skies never write history
I wish to tell you of a true dream
Look in these streets of yours
And you’ll find out why.



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2 responses to “Trails of Two Cities – H-Burg Bike Delegation Leaves for CA

  1. Kai

    Looking forward to the trip!

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