Walter Murch, Editor Extraordinaire

Walter Murch is the innovative, passionate and meticulous video editor/visual storyteller who in 1979 coined the term “sound designer” when he worked on Apocalypse Now (and won an Oscar) with Frances Ford Coppola and in 2003  dragged Hollywood into Final Cut Pro editing systems when he edited the Civil War film Cold Mountain.  His latest collaboration with Coppola is Tetro – a low budget, low profile passion film set in Buenos Aires. In these videos from Final Cut Pro User Group  Supermeet 2009 conference in London last summer, Murch talks about his workflow… and how he surrounds himself with things analog to keep his intuitive sense and avoid utter immersion into the digital realm.

Click here for Part 1 of Murch’s talk.

Click here for Part 2 of Murch’s talk.

Here is the official trailer for Tetro:


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