The Collapsible Paint Tube and the State of the Internet

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”  Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google.

Good talk today with Video Web Apps class about how the world has changed, is changing right under our feet… how people see themselves, each other, their communities and power structures differently.  And how one tool can fuel these changes.  The internet is making that happen now.  I contend that the invention of the collapsible paint tube in 1841 started a ball rolling on allowing individuals to cast off a lot of the roles imposed on them because artists were able to draw more freely out in the mist and in smoke filled rooms – at dawn and twilight.   They weren’t tied to the “objective” environments of their studios anymore. People began to see themselves differently

Now people are not tied to the “objective”  media or power structures.  Blogging, sharing information is far more than ego platforms, stupid videos and ease of contact.  The internet puts power in the hands of individuals who use it.  I contend we must be intentional and use it wisely.  We complain about power structures.  We now have tools to see ourselves differently and change all that.  No more whining.  Get blogging.

Thanks to student blogger Frankie Coto for the movie:


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One response to “The Collapsible Paint Tube and the State of the Internet

  1. da_pinkster

    what of heavy handed governments -great “firewall” of china, and the brewing war with google. i wonder who’ll win!!

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