Creative Commons Interview with Verite Artist Vincent Moon

Creative Commons is a movement.  Creative Commons is a way of thinking.  It is about community.  It is about creativity.  It is where we are going.  Inevitably.  Open. Fluid.  Dynamic.  I love Creative Commons.  CC interviewed verite film artist Vincent Moon about his work and his interest in CC.

Read the full interview here:

Creative Commons

My way of doing things is that I don’t really respect many of the things you should respect when you work with labels. With the blog in a way we never signed anything with all the labels and that is how we’ve been able to do our project, do all the Take Away shows. And because we didn’t really deal with any labels or manager, we’re always talking directly straight to the artists. My way of doing things is that I don’t care much about the intermediaries, those people between the two extreme points you know, maybe even two creators talking together or creators talking to an audience. My way of doing things has been always to avoid the steps in the middle and talk straight to the people. And that is how I felt the obvious link with Creative Commons. Now each time I get an email from a manager to work with an artist, I tell them to put me in touch with them and we will talk together. It’s more of a direct relationship.  -Vincent Moon

Here is a video about Creative Commons:

Creative Commons is laying the groundwork for a new type of culture.  A new kind of folk culture. – CC video


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