Mini-Sagas and the Lightness of Being

Wrapping up the semester I’m coming across jewels created from students’ hard work.  Here is EMU Digital Media major Frankie Coto’s 50 word mini-saga and the final video he showed in class.

Frankie Coto; cc Attribution, Non-Deriv, Share Alike

It is in these moments that we are pulled away from our mold that we feel alive. The joy doesn’t come from the experience but being unleashed. Wake up, eat, study, sports, play, sleep. This yearly pattern corrodes your human nature. Live and take a leap from your stable column.

Frankie’s words of wisdom about our role in relationship to the power of the Internet:

We are the brains and we control the machine.

Here’s the movie Frankie left us with at the end of class – a great note on which to leave the semester.



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2 responses to “Mini-Sagas and the Lightness of Being

  1. Frankie Coto

    Thanks For Reposting!!!
    Loved Your Most Recent Post
    Oh and The Brownies Are AWESOME!!

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