Press Feedback for the Spokes Movie

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Click here to view an H-burg News article Thanh Dang put together about the Spokes movie I recently completed. Thanh Dang is H-Burg’s Public Works Planner and was a delegate on the H-Burg/Davis bike trip in the Spring  Thank you Thanh!!

Photo by Thanh Dang

Click here to view Spokes – the 30 minute movie in 6 parts.



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2 responses to “Press Feedback for the Spokes Movie

  1. Great job Paulette! Very interesting. I’m still here in Lithuania and the bike population is immense! I was thinking about starting a bike group when I get back home. Well I kinda need a bike now because EMU snapped my bike of the lock when the year was over ggrrrr. Hope you are doing good. Oh and feel free to stop by my blog. A bunch of my pics are getting re-blogged by randoms! woot woot 🙂 well hope your doing good! see ya next semester

    • Heyyyy!! Great to hear from you, Frankie! The blog looks fantastic – love the background text and your images are great. Peter Dula has a bike co-op on campus – be great to join forces with him.

      Count me in on whatever you do – I’d like to do a few movie nights with both Pathways and Spokes in the fall so maybe some energy there. Feel free to comment about your feelings – link to your blog about bikes/Lithuania and H-Burg at the H-burg/Davis bike trip blog.

      Looks like you are having an amazing time over there!! Sorry to hear about your bike!! Take good care and see you on the other side. Hi to Jerry – we are going to have some fun when he gets back on campus. 😀

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