Quarry Backstory

Here’s a look at this week’s rehearsals for the ethereal Quarryography – a dance event we’ve been filming in Stonington, ME. Performances run each day at 5PM through Sunday, August 8. For information about the performance or tickets – go to http://www.operahousearts.org.

Camera: Praveen Chhetri, Steven Stauffer and Moi
Edit: Praveen Chhetri, Steven Stauffer
Original Music: Praveen Chhetri

What wonderful collaborators, cast and crew.

Here is the backstory:
Q2 is the story of a place and its inhabitants, of the desire to claim space and the necessity of community. In this tale of seagulls and porcupines, herons and humans, small actions are combined with joyously grand gestures, giant puppets loom and steel drums accent the rhythms of natural life.

Creating intimate access to the quarry’s animating forces and provoking vital questions about its use, Q2 draws together a unique team of professional dancers, community members, and friends in a stirring week of performance on the beautiful coast of Maine.

The creation of Alison Chase, Maine resident and founding artistic director of Pilobolus Dance Theater, in collaboration with Mia Kanazawa and Nigel Chase. Commissioned by Opera House Arts in Stonington, ME.

Performances run August 3-8 at 5PM in the Settlement Quarry. For more information and reservations, see http://www.operahousearts.org.


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