The Great Social Media Debate and What That Has to do With Cussing Priests


I adore my friend David precisely because he is a cussing priest, a totally kick storyteller AND because he will take the time to fight with me for hours (and HOURS ’til 2 in the morning when I stopped the debate because I needed a Subway sandwich) about how social media will ruin his life and mine. And I adore him because then he turns around and sends me links to two stunningly interesting blogs about religion, values and ideas. Here they are:

Episocopal Cafe : Is beautiful, well organized and includes some nice video pieces.
The Immanent Frame: Rocks my world. I love how Episcopalians just go there in a way that is both intellectual and populist. In the post to which I’ve linked, check out another cussing theologian, Siobahn Garrigan for some grounding on the homosexual debate within the Anglican church.

Thanks David!


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