So many aspects of my life relate to story. Stories define and heal.  They inspire and connect.  I believe stories are about the most powerful tool on the planet.   I spent a lot of years working in news and with mainstream television networks making films and documentary. Currently, I’m evolving into a whole different kind of creature. I can’t quite define her yet.  And perhaps I won’t feel the need to. With story as the starter dough, I’m throwing in art, justice, technology, community and education.  Let’s mix that together for awhile and see what we come up with.

Here’s where I come from: paulettefilms.com.

As for storytelling tools, click here for my kinda nerdy, hopefully useful companion blog StoryDoulaTechno. It deals with all kinds of technical challenges and solutions in editing programs, blogging platforms, flip cams and whatever else we use to shape our narrative.

2 responses to “About

  1. da_pinkster

    …sounds/feels like something magnificent a cometh…and that it may behoove me to place an order for front raw tickets!

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