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Stalin Liberated. Or How StoryDoula Got Her Groove Back

StoryDoula’s been away awhile but she finally got her groove back. I  just returned from my first intensive coursework session for my PhD in Media and Communications from European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland.

Below you’ll find an interview with EGS cohort/pal Maia Gianakos, a curator who lives in Berlin.  The topic was our EGS Poetry and Philosophy course led by the extraordinary Judith Balso.  The conversation captures an emotional moment of discovery Maia and I shared after Judith presented breathtaking insight and challenge around Russian poet Osip Mandelstam and his poem “Ode to Stalin”.  Thank you Maia.  Thank you, Judith.

Click here for the conversation:

Music Creative Commons: Tunguska Electronic Music Society Summer Solstice Volume 1 – Simiram Slumber

Judith Balso

Maia Gianakos


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Sweet Artist…

with some Sweet Thoughts. I’ve had a lovely exploration of Andrea Dorfman’s films this morning:


How to Be Alone:


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The Weekly Rupert – Deep Thoughts at Deep Creek

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Intrepid kayaking dog excellent navigator (as usual). Huge deluge and threat’ning lightning drive us to the vestibule at Bill’s Mountain Sports until the storm passes. Rewards abound when sun returns.

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Damn! Salamander Slam!

A very talented and thoughtful individual.  Dave presents First, the Bad News.

Click here for the site.

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Dropping Keys – JPL on the Poetics of Peacebuilding


The small woman

Builds cages for everyone



While the sage,

Who has to duck her head

When the moon is low,

Keeps dropping keys all night long

For the





John Paul Lederach, founding director of my masters program at EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding spoke at EMU campus a few weeks ago and as usual treated us to the elegant insurgency of being profoundly liberated and creative.

Have a listen to his talk – the Poetics of Peacebuilding posted here.

Photo pashasha. cc: attribute/share/remix/share alike.

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Morning Pages

story doula

Run forward into the past.  Turn around and run back into the future.  They were always there holding hands with the present creating a perfect moment. Resilient.

You hear what you can handle at the time and even though you look for more behind the furniture and in the garage, you won’t receive more until you are ready.

Don’t be limited in your response to friendship to conflict to love.   It is all so vast and simple.

A dog barks in the distance, the clock ticks, a generator runs and once in awhile a car.  And me? I have shifted. Have I shifted? I have changed. Have I changed?

-June 2009, Nairobi


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Student Mini-Sagas in Exactly 50 Words

My web-apps students are creating their mini-sagas with great sgustoq thanks to pal and creative guru Chad Gusler.

-Here is a lovely mini-saga from Amy whose blog is To Be… Utterly Dead and Completely Alive:

The old room in my dreams, bathed in brown and dust, and decorated by pompous old men in khaki. Full of memory, the fan groans with too many turn abouts, dizzied by its own movement. Even the sunlight falls heavy on the old room.

-This mini-saga is from Joaquin who writes Clique Cracker.

IT’S 3AM on a chilly February night. Our brotherhood dashes to the base. We climb hastilly, stealthily, heartbeats quick.  Up endless flights of steel stairs. Then onto the upper plateau of this concrete construct. Some drop out, but two continue, up iron rungs, to the top of our valley world.

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