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Peacebuilding and the Arts: a Gathering at Brandeis University

Tomorrow, April 12th I visit  Brandeis University in Waltham, MA for an all-day meeting on Peacebuilding and the Arts.  The gathering is sponsored by the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life.

Morning sessions (not open to the public) will be a Peacebuilding and the Arts Think Tank on educating future leaders.

From 2:30 – 3:30 pm I’ll participate in the roundtable for leaders in higher ed in the Mandel Center for Humanities, Reading Room 203.

At 4:00 pm – a screening of and public conversation about the center’s new documentary film Acting Together on the World Stage (see the trailer above) at the Shapiro Campus Center Theater.

Looking forward to this!  Will post more as the event unfolds…

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Q2 – a Site Specific Dance Event in Maine

Here is what I did with my summer vacation – the lovely and amazing choreographer Alison Chase staged a site specific dance event called Q2 in a Maine quarry and I was fortunate to film it with student/photographer/editors Steven Stauffer and Praveen Chhetri. The project is about how people and nature meet, conflict and maybe, eventually co-exist.

Alison is brilliant at pairing professional dancers with community members, puppeteers, musicians and even an excavator to create a truly magical experience. More follows later this year – we are working on a mini documentary as well. Enjoy!

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Gather Me Man – A Young Blogger Rolls Out Her Turf

Smart. Talented. Magical. Strong. Insightful. Those are great descriptors for my young friend Michaela Morton. I met her in Maine where she wrangled dancers, puppets, crew and all of our hearts. Here’s a shout out for her blog called Gather Me Man; “It’s good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.” – Toni Morrison. Indeed it is. Don’t miss fierce warrior Michaela rolling out her turf in our recent Quarry Backstory video:

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Story of the Quarry – A Dance Project in Maine

Off to Deer Isle, Maine this weekend to work with the magical choreographer Alison Chase, the founding artistic director of Pilobolus Dance Theater who heads Apogee Arts.

Chase is staging her community dance project called Quarryography – a performance about what happens in a quarry when no one is looking. Professional dancers team with community members, a performing excavator and flying sculptures to create a unique and beautiful experience staged in a local quarry.

Choreographer and puppeteer Mia Kanazawa collaborates with her puppet and costume designs.  I’ll be filming with 2 EMU students and we’ll create a variety of pieces to document the event. Check out the 3-minute video I created in collaboration with director David Norman from Alison’s premiere of this project in 2007.

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