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Dr. Cynthia Cohen: A Consortium on Peacebuilding and the Arts

Dr. Cynthia Cohen is the woman behind this week’s events at Brandeis University on Peacebuilding and the Arts and the director of the program on Peacebuilding and the Arts at the university’s Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life.  Cynthia is also the creator of the soon-to-be-released documentary on the topic, a two-volume anthology and a tool kit to help peacebuilders engage effectively with the arts.

In this clip, Cynthia discusses what she hopes will come of the gathering:

Here’s more on Cynthia:

Dr. Cynthia Cohen is director of the program in Peacebuilding and the Arts at Brandeis University’s International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life. She is an internationally recognized educator, peacebuilding practitioner and researcher who focuses on the contributions of the arts to conflict transformation.

Currently, Dr. Cohen is the principal investigator for the Acting Together project, a five year inquiry with theatre artists and leaders of ritual working in conflict regions around the world, undertaken in collaboration with Theatre Without Borders.

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