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Story Doula is Taking a Lengthy Blogging Sabbatical

Thanks for your interest. I’ll be living life offline for awhile.

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La Gaite Lyrique. Enchante.

Pulled this yummy animation from the sublime This Blog Rules website.

La Gaîté Lyrique is the new venue in Paris dedicated to digital arts and new musics. La Gaîté Lyrique , an abandoned 19th century theater is set to is set to become a center for digital arts when it opens in December 2010. The artistic team and Passion Paris director Yves Geleyn have teamed up to create an every animation and 3D experience which will give visitors an abstract, sensual taster of the venue. The director of this project has done an interview exclusive for thisblogrules.com.

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Morning Pages

story doula

Run forward into the past.  Turn around and run back into the future.  They were always there holding hands with the present creating a perfect moment. Resilient.

You hear what you can handle at the time and even though you look for more behind the furniture and in the garage, you won’t receive more until you are ready.

Don’t be limited in your response to friendship to conflict to love.   It is all so vast and simple.

A dog barks in the distance, the clock ticks, a generator runs and once in awhile a car.  And me? I have shifted. Have I shifted? I have changed. Have I changed?

-June 2009, Nairobi


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Love These Women – Talking About Orlando

Director Sally Potter and Actress Tilda Swinton talk about the making of my favorite film of all time, Orlando.

Click here for the full interview on Sally Potter’s website.  Truly a SStoryDoulaq kind of story.

Here’s a 10 minute YouTube version – but take the time to view the whole thing!!

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New Blog. First Post. Inspiration.

I created a few beautiful paintings back at the turn of the century.  In the midst of dragging myself, bruised and grieving through relationship ruin, I was compelled to pick up a brush.  All night, most nights.  I love those art pieces.  I don’t know where they came from and I view them with the deep appreciation and empathy I offer other artists.  The thing that I love most about them is that I don’t own them. They came out of me – not from me.  There’s so little baggage around them.

I’ve never been able to articulate that experience well.  Eat. Pray. Love. author Elizabeth Gilbert nails the phenomenon perfectly in her Ted.com talk about the difference “being” a genius versus “having” one.  This sets a perfect tone for my new website and blog.

Click here for a bit more wisdom from Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here are a few of the paintings.  This one’s called “Love Heads”

Love Heads

Love Heads

And this one doesn’t have a name, but a friend look at it, laughed, and said – “Well, obviously this is the vulva series.” Definitely a Story Doula kind of story.


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