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An Essay About Life in the Shenandoah Valley

AnnaMaria Johnson and Steven David  Johnson capture perfectly why I love living in this place so much.  “What It’s Like Living Here”, a multimedia essay, was published on-line today at Numero Cinq.

Here’s a little box turtle preview:

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Icon Stories from Lithuania

I am filling in as an instructor this year at EMU for the uber-talented Dr. Jerry Holsopple who is on sabbatical in Lithuania.  Never one to be fearful of the technical,  the detailed or the intense, Jerry is learning icon painting while there.  It soccursq to me that this is an ancient form of telling stories… and actually known also known as “icon writing”… as Jerry explains…

Paulette, I am only a beginner when it comes to the painting, although I feel like I am making progress daily.  It is a long and challenging process.  As I have studied and worked the term writing an icon is more theological than because of the idea of grammar.  It is writing because it is the same function as those who wrote scripture and is on the same level of importance revealing God.  It is the idea of writing in the truth.

I attached two I am currently working on. Sister Maria – died for harboring Jews during WW2 in France and Maximilian was a 3rd century conscientious objector to war.  I am in the process of shading, but they are beginning to take shape.   – Jerry

Beautiful!!  Thank you, Jerry.

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